5 Things That You Must Know Before Starting College

Starting your college life journey can be overwhelming. Every student whose college life is about to start feels nervous. It happens because they most probably do not know what to do before starting their college life, and it is totally okay. Even the colleges try to welcome fresh students warmly so that they can settle well. Still, some students face many issues surviving college life. Yet, this article can help you save yourself in a similar case. 

There are some things that students should know before starting college life. We will show you the top five things that can ease the journey. If you are willing to make your college life easier, keep reading till the end. 

The Top Five Things to Know Before Starting College

Every student must know the proper ways to survive in college life. They will have to face many issues, such as a research project. Perhaps they will have to ask for Write my essay for nursing from their professors. It could only be possible when they know how to ask for help. You might be wondering what things can make you ready for your college life. Well, here are the five things you must know before you start your journey. 

Things to Bring to College

This tip is vital for both students living on-campus and off-campus. Many students neglect this crucial factor. However, it is necessary to know what you can take to your college. Some colleges offer a list of things you cannot bring to college. For example, most students who have to live on-campus bring their mini-fridges to college. However, not every college allows students to take a mini-fridge when moving into a dorm. In the same way, you have to ask your college to give you an approved and restricted items list.

Moreover, students expect beyond the limit of their dorm rooms. Know that dorm rooms have limited space. It may feel good to live in a dorm room with other roommates. However, the storage space in these rooms is undeniably less. Thus, it is vital to take only the necessary stuff with you. Here is what you can most probably take with you to college and you should:

  • Suitable clothes for class
  • A formal outfit & footwear for events like college parties and job searching
  • Smartphone, laptop, and power backups
  • Academic goods i.e. pens, calculators, notebooks, etc.
  • Medications (safe side)

Besides, many students are unaware of whether they can bring their cars to campus. Well, that is something you need to ask approval for. Some colleges indeed allow cars, whereas some do not.

No Memorization

There is no doubt that most students memorize course material in school life. Know that memorization is good for short-term tests and revision. However, it does not work well in college life. When you are in college, you will have to learn, not memorize things. College education demands proper time, effort, intelligence, and practice. On the other hand, memorization cannot offer you these factors. 

Many students complain they do not get high grades in college. They say they were the toppers in school life. Know the difference here, as you are not in school anymore. Thus, you must change your learning style accordingly. Memorization helps students only at the initial stage of education. So if you really want to achieve good grades in your college life, practice your skills.

Be Confident

It is totally understandable that the starting days of college life may give you fear. Whenever we visit a new place, enter an unknown surrounding, or meet new people, we lose confidence. We think the person next to us is most probably better than us because they know the place more than you. However, do not forget that it is a matter of time. Be confident because soon, you will take their place.

Moreover, being confident will help you in many cases in college life. For example, students who are not unconfident afraid to ask questions during the class. Also, they do not seek help even if they need it the most. All of this relies upon confidence. Thus, make yourself robust and confident before entering your college. Your college mates must feel a powerful presence of yours on the first day. 

College Professors Are Different

Do not expect your college professors to treat you the way your school teachers did. There is a big reason behind it. Know that the teachers used to teach you in school were experts at teaching and understanding students. They must have gone through many teaching pieces of training. However, the college professors are not actually teachers but doctors. Most of them have Ph.D. degrees. Thus, their focus will never be on student engagement and teaching but on their subject.

No One Is Your Friend

It is a sad truth, but you have to make yourself used to it. Before entering college life, tell yourself, again and again, that no one will be there for you. Many students expect friendships and outings with friends when they reach college life. However, every student should make a mindset of being independent. Thus, you have to tell yourself that no one will be there to help you, as it will be just you. 


College life is not a piece of cake, as it comes with many ups and downs. Students who do not prepare themselves for college before starting it give poor performance. There is no doubt that the beginning of a new journey can be overwhelming, and it is totally okay. However, if you do some preparations beforehand, you can save things from drowning. Also, you will have to make good connections with your seniors and professors. They can offer you Best Dissertation Help UK and guidance in many aspects of college. 

Besides, the above five things are enough to help you prepare for your college journey. I hope you will follow them respectively to get maximum benefits. The tips stated above can possibly change your college life before even starting college. So put some effort into preparations to get a trouble-free college life ahead. 

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